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What is 5x60 all about?
5x60 is about getting active for at least 60 minutes, 5 times a week, hence the title.....5x60! But don't worry, it doesn't have to be all at once!

A 10 minute walk to school, a 20 minute kickabout and half - hour dodgeball will do.




How does it work at Llangatwg?


The 5x60 clubs run before school, lunchtimes, after school and during some school holidays


Turn up & play sessions, competitive tournaments, festivals, inter-form.


The clubs are run by qualified instructors from outside school, teachers, LSAs, volunteers and myself.


The clubs take place in the school gym, sports hall, fields, tennis courts and some are off site.


How Much?
Majority of clubs are free, some clubs off school site require a small fee e.g. horse riding/rock climbing.


What’s on?
Dodgeball, netball, football, swimming, multi-gym, street dance, skate & scoot, basketball, free running, run for fun, table tennis and many more to come.





5x60 Reward Scheme
From April 2015 the 5x60 programme introduced a new reward scheme for pupils attending most sessions in a term.




For more Information:

If you would like more information about what’s available for pupils at Llangatwg Community School please contact:

Claire Woolfe on c.woolfe@npt.gov.uk
01639 634700

Claire Woolfe

5x60 Officer
Claire Woolfe



5x60 is for You!
YOU choose the activities, YOU choose when they're on and Claire Woolfe, your school's 5x60 Officer does her bit to make it happen.

So keep an eye on this page - There's always new stuff coming online.....check the link below for the updated 5x60 timetable




5x60 News
We like to let as many people know about what we do in 5x60, from big events and competitions to new and exciting sports and activities.

To find out more about what's been going on recently, 5x60 news or if you just fancy taking a trip down memory lane, click on the link below:





5x60 Gallery
Click on the link below to view Llangatwg 5x60 activity pictures:






5x60 is hugely dependant on volunteers!
From leading activities or helping leaders, to simply taking a register or being an extra pair of hands.
Benefits to you as a volunteer include the incentive of extra training and qualifications as well as the huge job satisfaction.
If you would like to become a volunteer, then please contact the 5x60 officer for more information. 
Llangatwg Community School 5x60 Officer


Claire Woolfe




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